Commencement Home

A time to reflect. A time to celebrate.

The Indiana Tech Commencement Ceremonies will take place Saturday, May 9 2020.

This is your day, and you will walk across the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum stage to shake hands with Indiana Tech President Dr. Karl Einolf. All of the hard work, the late study nights, the time spent game planning your future–it’s all going to culminate in this day of celebration. Any feelings of doubt you may have experienced over the past few years, times when you felt like this day would never get here–they are all distant memories on graduation day.

Yes, commencement day is your day–a day to thank yourself, a day to remember those who helped you get here, a day to reflect and celebrate. Keep your eyes wide open and immerse yourself in its magnificence.


New Alma Mater
President Einolf and Darius Darling


Students who will be graduating and planning to participate in the commencement ceremony should start thinking about what they need to do several months before the big day arrives.

To make sure your day goes off without a hitch, make sure you accomplish everything that needs to get done between now and then.

Family and Guests

You are encouraged to join in on your loved one’s day of celebration. Whether you are from the area or traveling from out of town, the links below will help make your trip to our commencement a fun and seamless experience.

The ceremony will also be live-streamed for those who aren’t able to attend.

Faculty and Staff

Not only is this a day of celebration for our graduates and their family and guests, it is also a celebration for our faculty. It is because of your passion for education, your skill at impacting students and your expertise that our graduates are able to get to the finish line.