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Outstanding Graduates

2024 Outstanding Graduates

College of Arts and Sciences

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Maslowski, Avery G
Psychology – McCabe, Theresa M
Biology – Penny, Nina D
Child Development – Roddy, Arnaya V
Communication – Horvath, Riley M
Criminal Justice – Maslowski, Avery G
Graphics and Design – Westfall, Alexie J
Exercise Science – Weiks, Keifer
Fitness and Recreation – Tegtmeyer, Dylan J
Forensic Science – Bringht, Jocelyn L
General Studies – Marino, Bryan
Health Science – Brough, Grant C
Pre-Law – Daniels, Mikayla A
Psychology – Galloway, Alexis M
Recreation Therapy – Hyatt, Allison R

College of Business

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Gibson, Jenna R
Organizational Leadership – Thum, Stephanie L
Organizational Leadership – Holst, Amanda L
Organizational Leadership – Lundy, Joshua
Global Health Leadership – Merkison, George E
Business Administration, Business Analytics – Bathini, Prem Kumar
Business Administration, Business Analytics – Jones, Luke T
Business Administration, Science in Management – McNair, Bradly T
Business Administration, Science in Management – Smithley, Chloe A
Accounting – MacDonald, Eli M
Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies – Palmer, McKenna R
Business Administration, Financial Services – Uhlenhake, Ryan E
Business Administration, Human Resources – Critchfield, Nathan G
Business Administration, Management – Estrada, Danielle M
Business Administration, Management – Gibson, Jenna R
Marketing – Kollar, Samuel
Sport Management – Whaley, Seth R

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Overall Outstanding Graduate – Bockstahler, Julia M
Science in Engineering Management – Ben Aissa, Ines
Engineering Management, Information Systems – Papetla, Prathyusha Reddy
Information Systems – Kankunta, Sai Priya
Biomedical Engineering – Bockstahler, Julia M
Computer Engineering – Manier, Justin S
Cybersecurity – Welbaum, Ryan
Cybersecurity – Wilmington, Peterson L
Electrical Engineering – Manier, Justin S
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering – Brandt, Jacob W
Information Systems – Williams, Demeka C
Mechanical Engineering – Hartmus, Jessica M
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Fieldler, Kaitlyn E
Software Engineering – Albrecht, Rebekah K

Archive of Outstanding Graduates


College of Arts and Sciences
Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student – Lakyn Edwards
Master of Psychology – Audra King
Biology – Savannah Simmers
Child Development – Lakyn Edwards
Criminal Justice – Whitley Blake
Digital Graphics – Jenna Boucher
Exercise Science, Pre-Professional – Savannah Emaus
General Studies – Samuel Harvey
Health Science – Hannah Ivers
Psychology – Darika Dawson
Psychology – Lily Greiwe
Recreation Therapy – Rylee Cripe

College of Business
Organizational Leadership – Marcus McChristian
Higher Education Administration – Nikki Pham
Business Administration, Business Analytics – Matej Krasny
Business Administration, Management – Chad Shaffner
Management – Robert Johnson
Organizational Leadership – Gregory Fugate
Overall College of Business Student – Andrea Schriver
Accounting – Andrea Schriver
Business Administration, Entrepreneurial Studies – Fabian Granqvist
Business Administration, Financial Services – Marcus Hartle
Business Administration, Financial Services – Ryan Troxel
Business Administration, Human Resources – Kylee Carlin
Business Administration, Human Resources – Grace Nower
Business Administration, Management – Corey Cavanaugh
Business Administration, Sport Management – P. Tyler Sinclair
Marketing – Cole Barney
Sport Management – Connor Hendrickson

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Overall Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Student – Noah Smith
Biomedical Engineering – Noah Smith
Computer Science – Anh Nguyen
Cybersecurity – Tarek Kothdiwala
Electrical Engineering – Jacob Grant
Electrical Engineering Technology – Dan Miller
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Juan Avellaneda Bohorquez
Information Systems – David Beaham
Information Systems – Logan Brewer
Mechanical Engineering – Nicholas Gates
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Axel Löw
Network Engineering – Grant Peer
Software Engineering – Isabelle Kreienbrink


College of Arts and Sciences
Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student – Cherokee Bodell
Biology – Maxwell Jenkins
Child Development – Yasmin Juarez
Communication – Havilyn Cummings
Communication – Joshua Lundy
Criminal Justice – Justin Beihold
Criminal Justice – Kayla Bivens
Digital Graphics – Phong Dang
Emergency Response Management – Brandon Goller
Exercise Science – Mikayla Dunn
General Studies – Marty Tetrick
Health Information Management – Thomas Mathias
Human Services – Danielle Stouffer
Psychology – Talia Graber
Recreation Therapy – Allison Pensyl
Special Education Mild Intervention – Paige Motycka
Master of Psychology – Martin Granados

College of Business
Overall College of Business Student – Victoria Raffle
Accounting – Xavier Overstreet
Accounting – Eliza Stanley
Business Administration Marketing Concentration – Kayla Bunkowske
Business Administration, Marketing Concentration – Kirsten Nartker
Business Administration, Marketing Concentration – Jacob Vanderpool
Entrepreneurial Studies – Andrew Smith
Fashion Marketing and Management – Emily Oler
Financial Services – Jayden Reed
Financial Services – Maxxwell Sell
Healthcare Administration – Anastasia Arnett
Human Resources – Melissa Gatewood
Human Resources – Dillon McArthur
Management – Verlin Ramsey
Management – Timothy Stein
Marketing – Jeff Grow
Marketing – Matej Krasny
Organizational Leadership – Nicholas McVittie
Sport Management – Chloe Smithley
Master of Business Administration – Kendall Knapke
Master of Science in Management – Megan Carbaugh
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership – Angela Clemens

Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Overall Talwar College of Engineering and Computer Sciences Student – Alexandra Forsythe
Biomedical Engineering – Allyson Versluys
Computer Science – Abibatou Diallo Bathily Sakho
Cybersecurity – Param Pankaj Mehta
Electrical Engineering – Joshua Kline
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Eric Vermillion
Mechanical Engineering – Baili Autumn Bowers
Software Engineering – Jake Michael Willison
Master of Science in Engineering Management – Paulo Alejandro Delgadillo Helmer


College of Business
Overall College of Business Student – Emma Tuominen
Overall College of Business Student – Jack Koshko
Accounting – Laney Steckler
Accounting – Joshua Hattery
Accounting, CPS – Kaitlin Duffield
Business Communication, CPS – Beth Anderson
Entrepreneurial Studies – Madelyn Omo
Entrepreneurial Studies, CPS – Katina Buchanan
Fashion Marketing & Management – Jacey McLaughlin
Financial Services – Max Amoako
Financial Services, CPS – Ryan Bullock
Healthcare Administration – Jeramiah Taylor
Human Resources – Hadley Hopkins
Human Resources, CPS – August Heath
Management – Za Wong
Management, CPS – Kimberly Blick
Management Information Systems – Kenyetta Dean
Marketing – Andrew Neller
Marketing – Kim Siercks
Marketing, CPS – Rebecca Daniels
Organizational Leadership – Matthew Howard
Sports Management – Jakob Bowden
Sports Management – Morganne Holdreith
Sports Management, CPS – Colton Oland
Master of Business Administration – Madison Bouwers
Master of Science in Management – Adam Karnowski
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership – Kudakwashe Chiremba

College of Engineering and School of Computer Sciences
Overall School of Computer Sciences Student – Cameron Fyfe
Overall Engineering Student – Pablo Bono Monreal
Biomedical Engineering – Pablo Bono Monreal
Computer Engineering – Corbyn Wallace
Computer Science – Taylor Lang
Cybersecurity – Asem Al-Daej
Electrical Engineering – Solomon Long
Energy Engineering – Nicholas Brandt
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Pablo Torne
and Manufacturing Engineering, CPS – Matthew Campbell
Information Systems, CPS – Brigetta Freeman
Mechanical Engineering – Zachary Green
Network Engineering – Brent Yoder
Software Engineering – Damian Metz
Web Development – Kyndall Pursley
Masters of Engineering Management – Rebecca Quesenberry

College of Arts and Sciences
Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student – Kelsey Ivers
Biology – Kelsey Ivers
Child Development, CPS – Melissa Mitchell
Criminal Justice – Logan Baugher
Criminal Justice-Rehabilitative Services, CPS – Chelsey Hull
Criminal Justice, CPS – Ebony Carter
Criminal Justice-Criminal Justice Admin – Andrew Lanoue
Elementary Education – Kayla Saffran
mergency Response Management, CPS – Kevin CristE
Exercise Science – Maria Jiminez Coello
General Studies – Cody Craig
Health Information Management, CPS – Carley Scheumann
Human Services, CPS – Diana Sibrel
Pre-Law – Diana Samardzic
sychology – Emma WolfeP
Psychology, CPS – Amanda Grimes
Recreation Therapy – Lily Rothert
Special Education Mild Intervention – Ashton Stier
Outstanding Humanities Award – Ally Zenda
Master of Psychology – Zachary Zumbaugh


College of Business
Overall College of Business Student – Landon Bloir
Accounting – Landon Bloir
Accounting, Online – Justin Wade
Entrepreneurial Studies – Ben Lambert
Entrepreneurial Studies, Online – April Rhodes
Fashion Marketing & Management – Shakirah Kellam
Financial Services – William Lanman
Financial Services, Online – Amanda Barnes
Health Care Administration – Clayton Dimmitt
Human Resources – McKenna Mesclier
Human Resources, Online – Julia Bradford
Management – Jami Manier
Management, Online – Paul Dausman
Management Information Systems – Thomas Mwambazi
Marketing – Anna Hartman
Marketing, Online – Dustin Thorp
Organizational Leadership – Joseph Weber
Sports Management – Kristin Roe
Master of Business Administration- Accounting– Audra Guy
Master of Business Administration-Health Care Management – Danyelle Hoffmann
Master of Business Administration- Human Resources Management – Emilee Leichty
Master of Business Administration-Marketing – Matthew Wire
Master of Business Administration-Management – Jona Thor
Master of Business Administration-Project Management – Barry Lester
Master of Science in Management – Jill Stevens
Master of Science in Organizational Leadership – Gretchen Murphy

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Overall School of Computer Sciences Student – Adam Swanson
Overall Engineering Student – Philip Colevas
Biomedical Engineering – Marta Pasqualini
Computer Engineering – Michael Largent
Computer Science – Ralph Knipper
Cybersecurity – Raymond Morrison
Digital Graphics and Design – Riley Brinker
Electrical Engineering – Cecilia White
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Roberto Maspons Noboa
Information Systems – Steven Richardville
Mechanical Engineering – Philip Colevas
Network Engineering – Austin Alexander
Peter Barthelemy – Software Engineering
Master of Engineering Management – Fernando Vaz Homem de Sousa

College of Arts and Sciences
Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student – Maxwell Craft
Child Development – Heather Rowlett
Communication-Media Studies – Maxwell Craft
Criminal Justice – Katelyn Smolucha
Criminal Justice, Online – Jennifer Catalan
Criminal Justice- Crime Analysis, Online – Joshua Goodrich
Criminal Justice- Criminal Justice Admin- Online – Horlston Jean Francois
Criminal Justice- Rehabilitation Services, Online – Brittney Deig
Elementary Education – Abigail Spencer
Emergency Response Management, Online – Shalisha Preston
Exercise Science – Sha’Londa Terry
Fitness and Recreation – Tiago Andre Da Silva Brito Neves
Health Information Management Online – Elizabeth Herbert
Human Services, Online – Brittanny Herber
Psychology – Soe Ya
Physical Education – Alexander Coan
Pre-Law – Joselyne Bobos
Psychology, Online – Chad Wilson
Recreation Therapy – Kortney Garringer
Special Education Mild Intervention – Rachel Bell
Master of Psychology – Jordan Reyes


College of Business
Business Administration – Suzanne Stewart
Business Management – Abby Conover
Organizational Leadership – John Bills
Overall College of Business Student – Kendall Knapke
Overall College of Business Student –Emily Wieland
Accounting – Kendall Knapke
Accounting – Emily Wieland
Accounting, Online – Barry Lester
Business Communication, Online – Corey Vincent
Entrepreneurial Studies – Theodore White
Entrepreneurial Studies, Online – Harry Harris
Fashion Marketing & Management – Sara Badrig
Financial Services – Ella Jones
Financial Services, Online – Kimberly Bland
Healthcare Administration – Robin Oser
Human Resources – Maysie Hewitt
Human Resources, Online – Marci Hunter
Management – Kirsten Wolf
Management, Online – Deward Gavros
Management Information Systems – Gary Mullett
Marketing – Skyler Noll
Marketing, Online –Samantha Fowler
Organizational Leadership – Si’Moan Jackson
Production Management – Ronnie Caldwell
Sports Management – Mikaela Lyons

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Engineering Management – Birva Dipakbhai Desai
Overall School of Computer Sciences Student – Tyler Hoppe
Overall Engineering Student – Loren Kreider
Biomedical Engineering – Jennifer Banks
Computer Engineering – Kennedy Ly
Computer Science – Carlton Hart
Electrical Engineering – Joseph Pratt
Energy Engineering – Sameh Alsahafi
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering – Timothy Hostetler
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Online – Benjamin McCullough
Information Systems, Online _ Joshua Settles
Mechanical Engineering – Christian Corrion
Network Engineering – Anthony Burkhart
Software Engineering – Ethan Smith

College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology – Sean Chaffee
Overall College of Arts and Sciences Student – Heidi Tremaine
Child Development – Autumn Stokes
Criminal Justice – Jacob Weimer
Criminal Justice-Crime Analysis, Online – Laurie Seaney
Criminal Justice-Rehabilitative Service, Online – Jeaniia Allen
Criminal Justice, Online – Lisa Baldwin
Emergency Response Management, Online – Jacob Taylor-Hill
Fitness and Recreation – DeMarcus Stid
Health Information Management, Online – Rosa Bennett
Human Services, Online – Sharon McGhee
Psychology, Online – Davena Jefferson
Physical Education – Heidi Tremaine
Pre-Law – Brittanie Wilson
Psychology – Danielle Franklin
Psychology, Online – Davena Jefferson
Recreation Therapy – Isabella Horst
Special Education Mild Intervention – Aubree Eggers


College of Professional Studies
Fort Wayne, Undergraduate – Sandra Sell
Northwest, Undergraduate – Patricia Mani
Central, Undergraduate – Gordana Mitrovic
South, Undergraduate – Zenith Anderson
Online, Undergraduate – Brittney Thompson
MS in Psychology, Graduate – Erica Lay
MS in Engineering Management, Graduate – Meet Desai
MS in Organizational Leadership, Graduate – Andrew DiCristofaro
MS in Management, Graduate – Michelle Waggoner
MBA, Graduate – Grace Dusseau
PH. D in Organizational Leadership, Graduate – John Read

College of Business
Accounting and Overall College of Business Student – Breanna Post
Entrepreneurial Studies – Chad Frost
Financial Services – Sabrina Lay
Human Resources – Jacob Lay
Management – Haley Cook
Marketing – Kayla Grigg
Sport Management – Lukas Brant
Fashion Marketing Management – Chelsea Outlaw

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
Overall School of Computer Sciences – Hannah Dodd
Mechanical Engineering, Overall College of Engineering Student – Kristina Scott
Computer Science – Landon Wendel
Computer Security & Investigation – Joseph Miller
Networking – Chandler Dodenhoff
Software Engineering – Lindsey Thompson
Web Development – Tyler Helm
Biomedical Engineering – Anh Pham
Computer Engineering – Lauren Ohnesorge
Electrical Engineering – Triston Mills
Energy Engineering – Derek Worden
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering – Justin Curlin

College of Arts and Sciences
Overall College of Arts and Sciences – Hannah Duschl
Child Development – Megan Lilla
Communication – Clayton Wallace
Criminal Justice – Pheobe Trouten
Elementary Education – Kelly Workman
Physical Education – Kevin McGuigan, II
Pre-Law – Danielle Miller
Psychology – Keith Tatum
Recreation Therapy – Leslee Peeper
Recreation Therapy – Rachel Trouten