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Faculty of the Year Award

Each year at commencement, Indiana Tech honors one full time faculty member with the Faculty of the Year Award.

The Faculty of the Year Award recipient demonstrates excellence in teaching in the following ways:

  • Knows the subject matter well and effectively teaches the material
  • Has high expectations and helps the students to achieve them
  • Is approachable and willing to help individual students
  • Models the kind of behavior he or she desires in the students
  • Provides opportunities for learning and growth to students
  • Builds strong relationships with students and colleagues

A student committee provides a recommendation of top candidates to university administration who will consult with the student committee to make a final determination of the award winner.

Previous Award Winners

  • 2020: Jeff Walls
  • 2019: Amy Shank
  • 2018: Jerome Heaven
  • 2017: Kim M. Spielman
  • 2016: Sherrill Hamman
  • 2015: Susan McGrade
  • 2014: Justin Boyce
  • 2013: Steve Dusseau
  • 2012: Jack Phlipot
  • 2011: Susan McGrade
  • 2010: Jeff Walls
  • 2009: Steve Malloris
  • 2008: Jeff Walls
  • 2007: Rose Arrant
  • 2006: Kent Young
  • 2005: Steve Malloris
  • 2004: Jeff Walls

2020-21 Faculty Nomination Form

Nominations are currently closed.